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Gutter cleaning


Gutter Cleaning services are backed by our 60 Day NO-CLOG guarantee. If you have a problem within 60 days of your gutter cleaning service, be sure to let us know right away and we’ll send somebody to take care of it. All of our Gutter Repairs and Gutter Installations are backed by a 2 year service warranty. Lastly, some products are even covered under additional factory warranties from the manufacturer, such as gutter covers.


We guarantee NO-CLOGS for 60 days after your gutter cleaning service. If you have ANY problems, please notify the office right away. We will send a manager to inspect that recent gutter cleaning service. You can call, send us an email, or even respond to one of our automated text messages.

This guarantee covers removing any debris that may have been missed during the original service only and does not cover any newly accumulated debris. What that means, is if your trees drop a bunch of new leaves after we clean your gutters, that is NOT covered. This guarantee covers anything that we may have missed.

Gutter cleaning
Gutter cleaning


All Gutter Installations and/or Gutter Repairs completed by My Gutter Pro are covered under our 2 Year Service Warranty. This warranty of good workmanship guarantees that all work will be completed in a skillful and workmanlike manner and is covered for a period of up to 2 years from the service date. We guarantee any repair we make will last 2 years, and all installations are covered as well.



We will schedule your service for the next available date & time-frame of your choosing. If none of your preferred service dates are available, then one will automatically be provided for you. You may re-schedule or cancel the gutter cleaning service at any time. We have NO re-schedule or cancellation fees. Please keep in mind that your presence is NEVER required for any of our services to be completed. No need to take off work!

We will provide you a specific service date and 4-hour arrival time window for each visit. (8 am-12 or 12-4 pm.) This time frame is an approximation and is always subject to change. Due to the weather, the unpredictable duration of each service, routing efficiency, employee concerns, etc., All appointments are subject to change at any given time. Your presence is NEVER required for any of our exterior services. Any scheduling changes will be communicated through email and mobile text message. You will be automatically notified to your mobile phone whenever our crew is in route to your property even though your presence is not required.

Gutter cleaning
Gutter cleaning


Our listed pricing is an approximate cost chart. We take into account the job difficulty when estimating the cost. Things like amount of gutters, height, walkability of your roof, and difficulty reaching the gutters are all accounted for when providing the estimate. Once scheduled, your gutter cleaning rate will not change or increase. We have NO Hidden Fees. After your first cleaning has been performed, we reserve the right to adjust our pricing accordingly for any future services. What that means is if we under charged and your job took twice as long as anticipated, then we will adjust the size of your home in our system. Lastly, the next time you schedule it will be priced accordingly.


Payments are due upon completion of our services. Our system automatically sends your job invoice to your email soon after each service is completed. For big Installations and other large scale jobs, we reserve the right to require a 1/3 job deposit before starting the project. If a job deposit is required, you will be notified before scheduling the job.

A paper work order will be left on your front door upon completion. This will have any job related details and also will note any damages found.

Job related pictures will also be attached to the invoice email. There will be a link provided to pay online via credit card in the invoice email. We accept payment by check as well as most major credit cards.

Customer agrees and accepts these terms. Customer is to make payment to My Gutter Pro in accordance with these terms.

No further work will be performed for past due accounts until all past due invoices are paid in full.

Gutter cleaning
Gutter cleaning


Refer a friend or neighbor and receive 10% off your NEXT cleaning service.  


Must be an existing customer with at least one gutter cleaning service being completed and paid in full. Referred customer must have received their gutter cleaning service and have paid their balance in full.


Looking to get three or more homes cleaned on the same day that are in the same neighborhood or area? We offer 15% discounts for groups of homes that can coordinate and have their services done on the same day.  This is a great idea for fall cleanings because everybody needs them around the same time.

For more questions about our Terms and Conditions or Policies, CLICK HERE to visit our FAQ page.

Gutter cleaning
Gutter cleaning


We provide complimentary photos of the completed work for all services.  The photos will be attached to the job invoice that we send to your email.  To access the photos you must open the pdf invoice file and scroll down past the receipt.

Our Policy

  • Due to the weather, the unpredictable duration of each service, routing efficiency, employee concerns, unforeseen circumstances, acts of God, etc.. All appointments are subject to change at any given time. Your presence is NOT required for any of our exterior services.
  • It is agreed and understood that the customer represents their properties roof to be structurally sound and is able to withstand the weight of workers and their tools. In the event that the roof does not meet these conditions, any resulting damages are the sole responsibility of the customer. My Gutter Pro shall not be responsible for said damages. This includes but is not limited to, broken or cracked roofing shingles (asphalt, tile, slate, cedar, etc..) roof decking, and rafter boards.
  • Gutter Cleaning – Removal of solid debris accumulated inside of gutter and downspout systems all the way to the ground. Underground drainage systems are not included.
  • Gutter Cleaning – We do not use water to clean the inside of the gutter systems. Our employees will hand-bag the solid debris and remove them from the premises. They will also use gas-powered blowers to blow out the smaller remaining debris. Every downspout will be confirmed to be free of any obstructions all the way to the ground.
  • No warranties, expressed or implied, are offered under this agreement. My Gutter Pro shall not be responsible for property damage of any kind caused either directly or indirectly by water related damage to include but not limited to, mold and mildew, drywall, landscaping, window, siding, wood trim, or structural damage.
  • My Gutter Pro maintains a General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance Policies at all times.
  • All work is to be completed by My Gutter Pro Employees ONLY. We do not use any sub-contractors or 1099 Piece Workers.
  • Customers must provide My Gutter Pro with notice of any damage to the property that the customer believes is My Gutter Pro’ responsibility within 1 week (7 Days) following completion of the Project.
Roof Debris

Our gutter cleaning service always includes clearing and removing the debris from all roofing valleys by hand-bagging the debris and then blowing the remains using a handheld gas-powered blower.

Underground Drains

My Gutter Pro does NOT clean or service underground drainage systems. Our Gutter Cleaning Service never includes underground drainage pipes of any sort.

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