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Gutter system optimizations are small tweaks to your gutter system that can help it perform better overall.  Small upgrades like extending downspouts or adding splash guards to problem areas will help improve the functionality of your system.


The main purpose of the gutter system is to catch as much of the rain water from your roof as possible, then direct that water away from the home.   The less water that splashes around the foundation of your home the better.  We’ll clue you in on every upgrade possible that could improve your flow and/or drainage.


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Replace Gutter Spikes with Gutter Hangers/Brackets

loose gutter spike

Gutter Spikes are the old school (outdated) way to mount gutters to the home. They are basically a big nail that comes loose faster and faster each time until they no longer hold. The hole simply gets too wore out.

If your spikes keep coming loose, it is time to upgrade to heavy duty hangers that won’t come loose.

Hidden Hangers

Gutter Screws

Loose Gutter Spikes: DIY Guide

Add Additional Downspouts to Long Gutter Runs

multiple downspouts on long gutter

Sometimes gutters and downspouts simply become overwhelmed because of the volume of water that needs to pass through them. Adding additional downspouts is a good way to relieve the pressure and spread the flow.

Re-Pitching Gutters Towards The Downspout

back pitched gutter diagram

Water is not able to flow uphill. Therefore, all gutters need to be pitched towards the proper downspout so that the water can easily drain.  It’s important to make sure all gutters are pitched correctly.

Gutter Pitch 

Downspout Tie-Ins: Connect Upper Level Downspouts Into Lower Gutter Systems

upper downspout extension

Anytime a downspout empties out onto a roof it is causing unnecessary wear and tear to your shingles. Another issue is it overloads the lower gutters. We always recommend to tie into the lower gutters wherever applicable.

Upper Level Downspout Extension

Downspout Extensions: Extend Downspouts Away From Home

downspout extension

Downspouts that empty out too close to the home cause extra wear and tear to the homes foundation and are also the leading cause of basement leaks.

Extending your downspouts is one of the cheapest steps you can take towards preventing your homes foundation from water damages.

Downspout Extensions

Up-Size Downspouts: 2x3" to 3x4"

2x3 and 3x4 downspout

One 3×4″ downspout is almost as wide as two 2×3″ downspouts. Larger downspouts allow more water flow volume and are less likely to clog.

Up-Size Gutter Size : 5" to 6"

5" and 6" gutter

Larger sized roofs and also steeper roofs may require larger sized gutters (6′”) to properly handle the volume of water. The steeper the roof the faster the water moves, therefore sometimes a larger gutter is the only solution to catch the water.

Splash Guards

roofing valley splash guard

Install splash guards to areas where water splashes over the gutters. This is most common under roofing valleys or seams where sections of roof meet and the water forms a channel.

Gutter Returns: Install Corner Gutter Section Under Roofing Valleys To Catch Water

gutter return

Sometimes a small gutter is required to go around a corner to properly catch the water.  We call these Gutter Returns.  They are also perfect for installing splash guards to corners.

CLICK HERE for more information on Gutter Returns.

Fascia Board Wrap

fascia wrap cover photo

The boards that gutters are mounted to are called Fascia Boards. To preserve the life of these boards you can have them wrapped in aluminum material called fascia wrap. This wrap  prevents the wood from contacting water. Rake Boards are also able to be wrapped to preserve life.


Fascia Wrap

Drip Edge

drip edge

Drip Edge is basically a flashing that goes along the edge of the roof (roofing eave). It’s purpose is to guide the water into the gutter, instead of it going behind the gutter.


Drip Edge

Gutter Covers

gutter cover

Gutter Covers are a very common upgrade to the gutter system. They keep the debris out of the gutter system but still allow the water to drain into the gutters.


Leaf Protection/Gutter Covers/Gutter Guards

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