Gutter Guard & Gutter Cover Installation

Gutter cover installation by My Gutter Pro

Gutter Guard & Gutter Cover Installation

Gutter Guards, or Gutter Covers, can help prevent pest infestations, gutter freezing, blockages, and more. Also going by leaf guards, leaf filters, gutter helmets, or gutter screens, gutter protectors help keep your home in optimal shape. 

We’ve installed Gutter Guards & Gutter Covers onto thousands of homes in the Maryland.

We can help you with:

  •  Leaf filter gutter protection
  • Window rain guards
  • Gutter protectors
  • Downspout guards
  • Gutter Helmets
And more. We provide Free Estimates for all our services, including Gutter Guards & Gutter Cover installation. 

Perforated Aluminum Gutter Covers

Through trial and error we have determined that Perforated Aluminum Gutter Covers are the best thing on the market currently in 2020. They are very effective against smaller debris like twigs, acorns, maple tree seeds (helicopters), and even pine needles. However, they still are able to handle medium to heavy rains efficiently. When you compare how long the cheaper gutter covers last, to how long these last, it is easy to see that these are the best value overall. These aluminum gutter covers are rust proof and are estimated to last 20-30 years.

For the time being, we only recommend and install Perforated Aluminum Gutter Covers. Therefore, those are all we keep in stock. There are many reasons for this such as:

  • Efficiency – They allow high volumes of water into gutter. Other types like Gutter Helmets or Gutter Hoods will cause the water to cascade over the gutters.
  • Durability  – Rust/Corrosion/Damage proof. These gutter guards are made from aluminum and they are rated to last a long time. (20-30 years)
  • Maintenance – Easy to install, replace, or clean.
  • Effectiveness – Only fine particles get through. As long as your gutters are pitched correctly the small particles will wash out when it rains.
  • Price – By far the best overall value when compared to any other style of gutter cover.

Pricing Estimate For Gutter Guards And Gutter Cover Installation

We take many factors into consideration when calculating your Free Estimate for gutter guards & gutter cover installation. Things like height of your roof, condition of the gutters, your gutter materials or style, steepness of the roof, and difficulty reaching are all factored in.

We can use satellite imagery or existing pictures of your gutters to measure your homes gutters and send you an estimate. If no imagery for your home is available we may need to send somebody by to measure, or we may ask you to provide photos of all sides of your home.

Using seamless gutters will ensure that the pitch stays correct throughout the entire length of gutter. We only recommend and install seamless gutters for all gutter installation projects.

    Gutter Cover Installation Includes A Free Gutter Cleaning Of All Gutters And Downspouts

    To ensure that your gutter system drains and flows properly, we make sure your gutter system is free and clear of all debris and obstructions BEFORE installing your gutter covers. This makes sure nothing is inside the closed system as we seal it closed. Only small particles will get through after this. As long as your gutters are pitched properly, than the small debris should flush out of the gutters when it rains. Because there is no large debris to clog up the gutters, all small particles can easily flow properly.

    Gutter Cover Maintenance

    After installing hundreds of each of these styles of gutter covers, we’ve come to the conclusion that NO gutter guard is perfect. Even with our Perforated Aluminum Gutter Guards you will need to knock the debris off of them every couple months. The way they are designed is that leaves will flow down the roof during rain and settle on top of the covers. However, once they dry up the leaves are able to be blown off by a gentle wind.

    There will be some areas that the wind doesn’t get too and the leaves steadily accumulate. Customers are usually able to knock this stuff off themselves with a hose or maybe a leaf blower. You may need a step ladder to get a decent angle at it. Or you could always have a gutter cleaner come take care of it once a year so that you at least have somebody inspect your roof, roofing edge, and gutter system.

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    We couldn’t fit all the information needed on this page to explain all the faults and issues from the other types of gutter covers. So we wrote this very descriptive article that explains all the styles out there. If you are determined to get any other style than Perforated Aluminum Gutter Covers, we strongly suggest you read this article so that you can be informed before you purchase. Getting gutter guards installed on your home isn’t cheap, so want to make sure all of our customers are informed.

    Different Types Of Gutter Guards And Gutter Covers

    There are other styles of gutter cover and gutter guards available. Some are more expensive and some can be very expensive ($25-$30 per foot) We don’t recommend or install any of those types of products. There are also some cheaper products such as foam inserts or gutter screens. Those products aren’t very effective and they also fail or break down in a couple of years. Because they are easily prone to breaking and not working properly, we don’t recommend or install any of those products either.

    • GUTTER SCREENS: The cheapest option. These have big holes so a large amount of debris makes it through the holes. Not very effective against seedlings, pine needles, acorns.
    • FOAM INSERT: These specially cut foam sleeves go right inside your gutter and act like a sponge. These are designed to only allow water to seep through, leaving the debris on top. The trouble with these is that the debris gets caked on there and needs to be cleaned a couple times a year in most cases. If neglected, plants will grow from the sponge.
    • SOLID GUTTER COVERS: Also known as gutter helmets or gutter hoods. These are the most expensive option ($20 per foot and up) and each style varies by what size and style of gutter you currently have. Some of these use the “reverse curve” style that is designed for the water to follow the reverse curve into the gutter chamber, but these often end up to creating a waterfall and spilling water over. Most of these do a good job of keeping debris out, but they also keep the water out too, which will erode your homes foundation and cause leaks over time.

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    If you are having trouble figuring out what something is called or what it’s purpose is, check out our Gutter Glossary Blog. In it you will find pictures and definitions of all parts of the gutter system.

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