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Are your gutters causing problems or not working properly? You may need some simple gutter repairs to have your gutters running efficiently again.

One of our many specialties, is Gutter Repair.  Here at My Gutter Pro, we will  find the most affordable solution for all your gutter issues.  Sometimes you need to replace entire sections of gutter, and other times you may just need some minor gutter repairs to get back on track.


Almost all problems with gutters come from not having your gutters cleaned regularly.  When the debris blocks up the gutter system, all types of problems start to occur. Neglecting your gutters can lead to a lot of different problems.  And these problems result in costly repairs.

  One of the best things you can do for your gutters, is getting them cleaned at the end of fall every year.  If debris is not removed by the winter, it clogs up the downspouts.  If it snows or ice builds up, the melting ice won’t be able to drain properly because of the clogs.  Once that happens, the heavy weight from the snow and ice yanks the gutters right off the wall. So many costly repairs can be avoided by making sure your gutters aren’t neglected.


Do you think your gutters need repaired?

If you think you need gutter repairs, we can help.  Whether you know the problem or not, you can count on My Gutter Pro to get your gutter system back to flowing properly.  Fill out one of our estimate forms and try to include as many details as possible.

My Gutter Pro does Free Estimates for gutter repairs.  If you are sure your gutters don’t need cleaned but they do need some repairs to get back working properly, let us know you.  We will get you on the schedule for a Free Estimate visit.  Keep in mind that we would be stopping by on a day we are in your area.  We are usually about 2 weeks scheduled out, and up to 3 weeks scheduled out in the busy seasons.  Therefore, if you can identify the problem with your gutters on your own and let us know, it will speed the process up by a few weeks if the problem is urgent.

Are your gutters over flowing or drip leaking during rain?

Chances are your gutters or downspouts could just be clogged. We always suggest to our customers to observe their gutters and downspouts during rain. If there is little to no water coming through the downspout, then that downspout is clogged and you need a gutter cleaning.  You may also need some repairs, but you definently need a gutter cleaning for starters.

We can’t perform most gutter repairs if the gutters need cleaned. Sometimes we can’t even identify the repair without removing the debris first.  For example,  we can’t spot a broken seal if your gutters are full of leaves.


We’ve written a very descriptive gutter repair guide that explains every common issue with gutters.  You can use the guide to identify the cause and solution for your issues.  We could not fit all this information onto this page because of the amount of info and photos so we put it all in one article to make it easier for you. Click the link below to read our Gutter Repair Guide.

July 28, 2020
gutter repair

Gutter Repairs: A Guide For Homeowners

GUTTER REPAIR GUIDE Neglecting your gutters will lead to problems that cause damage to your gutter system and to your home. Most damages to your gutter […]
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 8 files.
Please provide photos of the damaged areas if possible. Photos will help expedite your estimate.

Here is a brief list of some of the more common gutter repairs.

Gutter Pitch

The most common Gutter Repair, is to re-pitch the gutter.  Gutter pitch is the slant or angle that the gutters are set at.  Pitch makes sure the water drains properly in the correct direction towards the downspouts.  However, if the gutter pulls loose from the wall, the pitch will flatten out. Next the the water will pool up in the gutter until it spills over the edges.  We will Re-pitch any gutter on your home that has lost its slant,  so to return proper flow to your gutter system.

Click here for more information on gutter pitch.

Secure Loose Gutters

Another common gutter repair that we see, is to Re-secure the gutter with new hardware.  Sagging gutters and/or gutters that keep coming loose cause a bunch of problems.   However, our  new Heavy Duty screw-in hidden hangers provide stability where it’s needed most.

Firstly, these new style of hangers clip to the rim of the gutter and pull it firmly to the wall.  Secondly, having screw-in hangers that are all the same, will keep it flush and uniform.  Lastly, our new screw-in hidden hangers will likely outlast the gutter itself.   So once you get your gutters Re-secured, they aren’t going anywhere.

A good rule of thumb is:  If you can  see a gap between your gutters and your wall, then they probably need to be re-secured.

Click here to learn more about why gutters come loose.

Seal Gutter Leaks

Leaky gutters are definitely a problem, but sometimes they are the easiest form of gutter repairs.  The most common areas to get leaks in, are usually where the gutter meets the joint (miter box).  Also, where the downspout meets the gutter, and/or if you have 2 gutter sections that are joined by a seam.  Pin holes sometimes appear in the gutter as well.

We usually have to visit the property to observe the holes themselves and determine if they are able to be sealed.  Keep in mind, for us to seal or re-seal any part of your gutter system, it needs to be dry conditions.  Thus, if the gutter is dirty AND needs a seal.  We will need to return at another time to seal them properly, after they are cleaned.

Downspout Repairs

Downspouts can come loose or disconnected with high winds, or even from somebody bumping into them.  Most of the time these are easy fixes.  But, if they are visibly damaged with big dents, they will more than likely need to be replaced. Let us know if your downspouts don’t appear to be functioning properly.

Wood Repairs

Neglecting your gutters can lead to a lot of different problems.  If the water starts to overflow from clogs or pitch issues, it can rot your wood.  Once the wood starts to rot, water will enter your home causing damage.

Fascia Board

For most homes, gutters are mounted onto white trim boards called Fascia Board.  There are a few types of materials such us wood, vinyl, or composite that are used for the fascia board.  Each has their own pro’s and con’s.  Wood is the cheapest but doesn’t last as long as composite, which is water proof.

Also, once your Fascia Board begins to rot,  your gutters have nothing holding them secure and will come loose more easily.  Consequently, they could fall off your home.

Fascia Board can be replaced.  However,  keep in mind that for most Wood Repairs, we will need to visit the property.  Measurements are needed to provide you with an accurate estimate.  It’s hard to see the extent of the damages from pictures.

Rake Board

We can also replace damaged Rake Board or Re-install rake board that has blown off in the wind.  Rake Board is the same as Fascia Board, but it is cut at an angle and runs along the slanted edge of a gable roof.

Roofing Repairs

Although we do specialize in Gutter Repairs, we also can perform some minor Roofing Repairs.  There are a few common types of roofing repairs.  Such as  replacing damaged shingles, sealing chimney collars, pipe collars, and drip edge.  Even replacing deck board if the area is small enough.

Let us know about your potential roofing repairs.  We do a general roof inspection with all of our gutter cleanings.  But, be sure to let us know if you have any roof leaks or any roof issues so that we can thoroughly inspect the area.

Additional Services we provide

We can provide any type of gutter service that you require. In addition to that, we also can do minor repairs to your homes siding or roof. If you don’t see the service you need listed, feel free to contact us through email or mention it on the Free Estimate form.

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Gutter Repairs

  • Downspout Repair/Installation or Downspout Extension

  • Gutter Installation

  • Gutter Cover Installation

  • Wood Repairs (fascia board, rake board, aluminum fascia wrap/rake wrap, soffit, siding)

  • Shingle Replacement (minor replacement)

  • Power Washing (spring/summer ONLY)

  • Chimney Cap/Heat Stack Cap Installation

  • Chimney Collar/Pipe Collar

  • Drip Edge Installation

  • Switch out light bulbs

  • Skylight or Solar Panel Cleaning





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