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Gutter Repair in MD & DC

Are your gutters causing problems or not working properly? You may need a simple gutter repair and cleaning to have your gutters running efficiently again.

One of our many specialties, is Gutter Repair Services. Here at My Gutter Pro, we will find the most affordable solution for all your gutter problems and issues.

Sometimes you need to replace entire sections of gutter, and other times you may just need some minor gutter repair to get back on track.

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Do you think your gutters need repaired?

If you think you need gutter repair services, we can help. Whether you know the problem or not, you can count on My Gutter Pro to get your gutter system back to flowing properly. Fill out one of our free estimate request forms and try to include as many details as possible.

My Gutter Pro does Free Estimates for all gutter services including gutter repair and cleaning. If you are sure your gutters don’t need cleaned but they do need some repairs to get back working properly, let us know you. We will get you on the schedule for a Free Estimate visit.

Keep in mind that we would be stopping by on a day we are in your area. We are usually about 2 weeks scheduled out, and up to 3 weeks scheduled out in the busy seasons. If your gutter issue is urgent, try to identify the problem before contacting us to speed up the process. Check out our gutter repair guide to learn more about your gutter issue.


Almost all problems with gutters come from not having your gutters cleaned regularly.  When the debris blocks up the gutter system, all types of problems start to occur. Neglecting your gutters can lead to a lot of different problems.  And these problems result in costly repairs.

One of the best things you can do for your gutters, is getting them cleaned at the end of fall every year. If debris is not removed by the winter, it clogs up the downspouts.  If it snows or ice builds up, the melting ice won’t be able to drain properly because of the clogs.  Once that happens, the heavy weight from the snow and ice yanks the gutters right off the wall. So many costly gutter repairs can be avoided by making sure your gutters aren’t neglected.

Gutter Repair Pricing Estimate

We take many factors into consideration when calculating your Free Estimate for gutter repair. Things like height of your roof, condition of the gutters, your gutter materials or style, steepness of the roof, and difficulty reaching are all factored in.

Using seamless gutters will ensure that the pitch stays correct throughout the entire length of gutter. We only recommend and install seamless gutters for all gutter installation projects.

Gutter Repair Estimate Form

    Are your gutters over flowing or drip leaking during rain?

    Chances are your gutters or downspouts could just be clogged. We always suggest to our customers to observe their gutters and downspouts during rain. If there is little to no water coming through the downspout, then that downspout is clogged and you need a gutter cleaning. You may also need some gutter repair, but you definitely need a gutter cleaning for starters.

    If the gutters need cleaned, gutter repairs might be difficult to perform. Sometimes we can’t even identify the repair without removing the debris first. For example, we can’t spot a broken seal if your gutters are full of leaves. 

    Make sure your gutters are clean before scheduling a gutter repair.

    Gutter Repair Guide

    We’ve written a very descriptive gutter repair guide that explains every common issue with gutters. You can use this guide to identify the cause and solution for your issues. We could not fit all this information onto this page because of the amount of info and photos so we put it all in one article to make it easier for you. Click the link below to read our Gutter Repair Guide.

    Gutter Pitch

    The most common Gutter Repair, is to re-pitch the gutter. Gutter pitch is the slant or angle that the gutters are set at to make sure the water drains towards the downspouts. It’s important to remember water can not flow up hill.

    When gutters are neglected and clog, the water will weigh the gutter down which pulls your gutters loose. Let’s face it, water is very heavy.

    One sign pitch is off, is when the water pools up in the gutter and spills over the edges. Especially if it’s spilling over the sides, away from the downspout.

    repitch gutters
    loose gutter repair

    Secure Loose Gutters

    Loose gutters come in many different looks. The gutters could appear to be “sagging” or “dip” down in one area. This means it is loose in one small spot. You can usually spot this when looking at the home from a distance. If the gutter isn’t straight, there’s a problem.

    Another style of loose gutter, is when the gutter comes loose from the fascia board itself. When this happens, the water is able to get behind the gutter. You will notice water running down the walls in these locations. This running water sometimes gets into windows, door frames, and even into basements. If you can see sky between your gutter and your wall, the gutter is loose and needs to be re-secured.

    We use a new style of heavy duty screw-in hangers to secure your gutters to the home. These hangers are rated to last 10-20 years so you know once we secure a gutter, it is not going anywhere.

    Leaking Miters

    Re-seal Gutter Miter
    Miters are corner sections of gutter designed to move the water around corners. There are inside miters and outside miters. The difference is the outside miters (like the one pictured) are on outside corners, and inside miters are on inside corners.

    Over time, the seals in these go out and need to be resealed. If you see water leaking from under one of these, leaking from the seams, or even pouring from under any of these corner pieces, then you need to get that miter resealed or replaced.

    My Gutter Pro provides reliable gutter leak repair services to Maryland homeowners.

    leaky miter
    water behind gutter

    Leaking Gutters

    Gutter Leak Repair
    Gutters can leak from different areas, and they all indicate different things. Most types of gutter leaks, (like the ones in the pictures here) are more than likely from clogged downspouts. When the water can’t go down the hole, it overflows everywhere. You can’t seal these leaks, as they are not leaking from the seams. If this is happening, you likely just need a gutter cleaning.

    However, there are spots that can be re-sealed with new sealant to prevent water from leaking. Corner miters and gutter end caps are the two most common areas to seal.

    Sometimes the only way to identify if a gutter is leaking is by observing the gutters during rain. Since it’s pretty much impossible to predict when it will rain and then schedule us for that day, it is up to you as a homeowner to check for leaks during rain.

    Wood Repairs

    Fascia Board and Rake Board
    The wood that your gutters are mounted to around the home is called fascia board. Over time this wood will rot and get soft. Once this happens it can’t support the weight of the gutters and the gutters get loose. If not taken care of the gutters can fall or blow off the home. Or even worse, the gutters could pull the fascia board right off the home.

    The only solution to rotted or damaged fascia board, is to replace the section with new fascia board or rake board.

    gutter repair
    downspout disconnected

    Downspout Repairs

    Downspout Repairs
    Downspouts can come loose or disconnected with high winds, or even from somebody bumping into them. When this happens the downspout needs to be re-secured with new hardware and sometimes even new downspout straps.

    In both of these sample photos you can see the downspout is not properly attached to the gutter outlet. These just needs to be re-aligned properly and screwed together once in position.

    Keep in mind that if your downspout becomes dented or crimped that there is no repair, you have to replace. If the downspout is dented to the point that flow is restricted or that obstructions can easily get caught, it needs to be replaced.

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    • Gutter Cover Installation
    • Wood Repairs (fascia board, rake board, aluminum fascia wrap/rake wrap, soffit, siding)
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    • Switch out light bulbs
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