Gutter Pitch: Re-pitching Gutters Explained

gutter pitch diagram

WHAT IS GUTTER PITCH? Gutter pitch is the slope or angle that gutters are installed in so that they drain properly. The most important thing to remember regarding gutter pitch is that water can not flow up hill. Thanks to gravity and gutter pitch water is able to freely flow towards the downspouts without any […]

Drip Edge : Save Your Fascia From Water Damage

drip edge cover photo

WHAT IS DRIP EDGE? Drip Edge is arguably the most under rated component of the gutter system. Without it your roofing eave and fascia board WILL be destroyed by water damage. Eventually the gutters will fall off of the home. It’s hard to believe that this little strip of vinyl or aluminum could be so […]

Loose Gutters Guide: The stages of loose gutters.

Loose Gutter Guide

Loose gutters come in many forms or styles. They all look different from each other, but they all mean the same thing. If your gutters are loose or coming loose, they’ll need to be re-secured to prevent further damages. In this “Loose Gutters Guide” we will show you pictures of how loose gutters can look. […]

Gutter Screws: DIY Solution for Loose Gutter Spikes

gutter screws

Do your gutter spikes keep pulling loose no matter how many times you tap them in? Has the hole become so wore out to the point that the spike doesn’t catch hold of the wood? You may want to consider switching your old gutter spikes with new gutter screws. If you can reach your gutter […]

Loose Gutter Spikes: DIY Guide

loose gutter spike

Whenever you can see your gutter spikes hanging out of their holes, that means you have loose gutter spikes. Loose gutter spikes are the most common issue homeowners have with their gutters. They are also the easiest thing to fix. Just because your gutters have loose gutter spikes does not mean you need to replace […]

Why Do Gutters Come Loose?

why do gutters come loose

As I’m sitting here looking at my garage gutter (which has once again started to pull loose from the house) I ask myself “Why do gutters come loose?” Believe me, I didn’t want to spend my weekend fixing sagging gutters, so let’s figure this out. There’s a couple variables that will cause your gutters to […]