Fascia Wrap: Protect Your Fascia Boards From Water Damage

fascia board

Fascia boards play a crucial role in not only enhancing the aesthetics of your home but also protecting its structural integrity. Yet, this vital component often goes unnoticed and underappreciated until it falls victim to the relentless forces of nature. Water damage, one of the most common and destructive issues faced by fascia boards, can […]

Gutter Drip Edge – What Is It & Signs It’s Installed Wrong

drip edge installation

What is a Gutter Drip Edge? A gutter drip edge is a piece of flashing that prevents water from going under the shingles or behind the gutter. It covers the gap between your shingles and the gutter to make sure no water goes under the shingles or behind the gutter which will wreak havoc on […]

Rooten Fascia Board: How Wood Rot Can Destroy Your Home

loose fascia board

The most common type of fascia board damage is wood rot. This article directly describes fascia board rot caused by water and how to prevent more fascia board damage from happening. Gutter systems are designed so that the water goes into the gutters and not behind them. Anytime you have water going behind your gutters, […]

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