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Repitching Gutters: Explained

repitch gutters


Re-pitching your gutters is a relatively easy problem to spot and fix. Your gutters are installed on a slight slope (pitch) so that the water can drain towards the downspouts. Over time, the hardware slowly pulls loose from the wood and the gutters may flatten out. Once this happens, the water will pool up in the gutter, because it can’t make it uphill to the downspout.

Neglecting your gutters will speed this process up, as the weight from the excess debris and water is a heavy burden on your gutters and hardware.


There are a couple things to look for to identify if your gutter pitch is off. The easiest way to tell, is by looking at the gutter. The downspout should always be the low point of the gutter. If you observe your gutter to not be tilted towards the downspout, than that pitch is off for sure. We call this “back pitched” when the gutter is tilted opposite the direction it should be.

repitch gutters
Notice the gutter is slightly higher on the right. This a perfect example of correct gutter pitch.

Another sign to look out for, is standing water in the gutter. When the water is unable to make it to the downspout, it pools up and sits in the gutter. This water has absolutely no where to go when this happens, so it is constantly pulling on the hardware. Overtime, this will lead to you needing to get your gutters re-secured with new hardware.

standing water in gutter
Standing water in the gutter usually means the downspout is clogged or the gutter is not pitched correctly.

Water overflowing over the gutters could be another sign. Of course, if your gutters are clogged then you will see water spilling over the edges, usually near the downspouts. However, if your gutters are not clogged but you still have water going over the gutters, than it is likely that gutter is pitched incorrectly and the water is not able to drain.

overflowing gutters
This gutter is overflowing near the downspout and everywhere else. It is either clogged or pitched incorrectly. We would check for clogs before attempting to re-pitch.


Whether you hire somebody to Re-pitch your gutters, or do the work yourself, the outcome should be the same. The gutter needs to be tilted towards the downspouts so the water can drain properly.

*First your going to want to identify the gutter needing re-pitched.

*Secondly, you’ll need to figure out where the downspout is and which direction the gutter needs to tilt towards so it drains properly.

*Next, you need to remove all the hardware that mounts the gutter to the wall. There are several types of hardware, such as gutter spikes, gutter screws, brackets, hidden hangers, etc… All of these hardware options essentially provide the same use. (See our Gutter Terminology and Accessories article for more information regarding gutter hardware.) We recommend leaving one or two gutter spikes in place until you are ready to remove the gutter from the wall.

*Lastly, remove the last hardware so the gutter is no longer connected. Place the gutter in the new position so it slopes towards the downspout. Next, tighten one or two hardware so the gutter is now secure. After this step, we recommend taking a few steps back from the home and visually check that the gutter is sloped in the correct direction. Once you’ve verified the gutter is sloped correctly, fasten the rest of the hardware to remount the gutter in this correct position. Re-attach any downspouts or anything else as currently configured.


Often times for longer gutters, there will be a downspout on each end. This helps to handle larger amounts of water. But how do you tilt towards the downspout if there is one on each end? Simple, when there are 2 downspouts we pitch the gutter in the middle. This creates a small peak in the middle of the gutter so the water either runs to the left or to the right.

Sometimes you will see 2 downspouts on shorter gutters. This is completely normal. It’s usually when there is a large amount of water for the gutters to handle. These shorter gutters will require to be pitched in the middle as well.


If you have verified that your gutters and downspouts are clear, but you are still experiencing water overflowing the gutters, than your gutter may need to be re-pitched. Also, if you can see that your gutter is not tilted towards the downspout, that gutter will need to be re-pitched.


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