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Gutters are one of those things most people don’t pay attention to. However, ignoring your gutters can lead to some pretty serious consequences. Between water damage and mold issues, it’s safe to say it pays to simply clean your gutters. The best part is that you don’t have to clean them yourself.

Our Gutter Cleaning Service in Towson, MD

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We get it. Sometimes life gets in the way, and gutter cleaning is put on the back burner. Whatever prompted you to neglect your gutters, we’re here to help.

My Gutter Pro has been cleaning gutters for nearly 60 years. Over time, our professionals have garnered a reputation as one of the best gutter cleaning providers in Towson. Finally come home to fully functional gutters when you contact us to schedule a gutter cleaning appointment.

Here’s what you can expect from My Gutter Pro:

  • 60-Day No-Clog Guarantee
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Gutter Cleaners
  • Upfront Pricing & No Hidden Fees
  • No Need to Be Present

Common Gutter Issues in Towson, MD

Here in Bowie, MD, our gutters face a series of challenges brought on by the local climate and weather conditions:

Heavy Rain

Your gutters are supposed to channel water away from your property; but when gutters aren’t cleaned, heavy rain becomes a big problem. Gutters clogged with leaves and debris cause heavy rain to collect in them, leading to overflows and inevitable water damage.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common issues arising from neglected gutters. Failing to clean out your gutters will cause all sorts of water damage like stains, streaks, structural issues, and mold. Instead of letting your gutters go, get them back on track with My Gutter Pro.

Leaf and Debris

An abundance of trees is a selling point for any homeowner. They’re beautiful, they provide privacy, and they help cool off your property during the summer. But when fall rolls around, your gutters become susceptible to clogs and blockages thanks to your beloved foliage. Avoid this problem altogether by cleaning your gutters six times a year.

Cold Temperatures

Winters in Towson typically bring freezing temperatures. If water collects in your gutter system during this time, your gutters may end up leaking, cracking, or developing ice dams. All of these issues spell trouble, and any gutter problems should be nipped in the bud—especially before winter.

Pests & Infestations

Living harmoniously with surrounding wildlife is hard when they’re burrowing in your gutters. Uncleaned gutters typically attract small animals like rodents and birds. Plus, leaves and debris are like magnets for hungry insects, causing infestations down the line.

What’s the Impact on My Gutters?

frozen gutter

Freezing Gutters

Gutters and the surrounding soil of your home can freeze over in cold weather. Water expands, so frozen water in your gutter system can turn into costly repairs or a full-blown gutter system replacement.

clogged gutters with leaves

Clogged Gutters

Fall foliage can be disastrous for your gutter system and you can expect fallen leaves to build up fast. Clogs lead to overflows, and overflows lead to water damage.

dented gutter

Dented Gutters

Leaves and other tree debris don’t just clog your gutters; they cause physical damage, too. Sharp branches, twigs, and other fallen debris can dent your gutters, or worse, pole holes in weak areas.

Benefits of Hiring My Gutter Pro for Gutter Cleaning Services

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Safety is our top priority. Our gutter cleaners are fully licensed, insured, and OSHA-certified, meaning you’re protected if any damages or injuries occur on your property.

A Proven Track Record

My Gutter Pro has been cleaning gutters since 1965. Our efficiency and expertise shine through in every gutter cleaning service, no matter how complicated.

Professional Tools and Loaded Trucks

Even though our gutter cleaning company has been in the game for decades, we always abide by the times. Our technicians use the latest equipment to clean your gutters.

Clean Up After the Service

We don’t like messes, and neither do you. My Gutter Pro guarantees a thorough clean-up after every service, ensuring your property is as pristine as it was when we arrived.

Local & Convenient

Customers choose My Gutter Pro time and time again for our local, convenient services. One of the hallmarks of a My Gutter Pro service is that you don’t even have to be home for us to do our job. 

$25 Off Your First Gutter Cleaning Service

To show our appreciation, we’re giving you $25 off your first cleaning service with My Gutter Pro. Get your gutters cleaned by the pros, and schedule your first cleaning today.

Gutter Cleaning Process

Do you know what’s lurking in your gutters? At My Gutter Pro, our cleaning process isn’t just a basic gutter service. We give your gutters a well-deserved spa day. We remove leaves, twigs, and debris, so water can flow through them freely and away from your home’s foundation.

Our Expertise

With a legacy that dates back to 1965, we’re not just experts—we’re gutter connoisseurs. Our experienced professionals come equipped with the right tools and a wealth of knowledge to keep your gutters clean and in working condition.


We get it—you want upfront pricing without the frills, and you’re tired of other companies sneaking in those hidden fees. My Gutter Pro provides transparent prices in every quote we send out. Get yours and contact us for a clear, no-nonsense estimate.

And since we’re all about making first impressions count. Enjoy a warm welcome from us with a $25 discount on your first gutter cleaning service.

Our Other Gutter Services

Our company offers a wide variety of gutter services in addition to our signature gutter cleaning.

You will love how easy it is to schedule a gutter cleaning with My Gutter Pro. Our automated system sends you reminders every step of the way. All you have to do is fill out the form.Y

One of our many specialties, is Gutter Repair. Here at My Gutter Pro, we will find the most affordable solution for all your gutter issues.

We install all parts and components that make up your gutter system. Including gutters, downspouts, gutter covers, miters, downspout extensions, splash guards, drip edge, etc..

Leave Gutter Cleaning to the Pros

Your gutters deserve time and attention. Let us give your gutters what they need with easy, efficient, and convenient cleanings. Get in touch with Maryland’s favorite gutter cleaning company. Schedule your first cleaning, or sign up for a seasonal plan to never miss another cleaning.

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