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How to tell when you need a Gutter Cleaning

Time For a Gutter Cleaning

Do You Need A Gutter Cleaning?

Do you know how to tell when you need a gutter cleaning service performed?

We will tell you 5 signals to look for that indicate that you probably need to have a gutter cleaning service performed.

Gutters are a very important component to our homes because they collect the rainwater from our roofs and direct that water away from the foundations of our home. This is a vital task that protects the foundation from cracking and deterioration. Cleaned Gutters help keep our homes dry. They also protect our home from expensive interior wall damage, dry rot and mold.

It is highly recommended that we have our gutters cleaned and inspected at least once or twice a year and maybe more depending on the tree coverage around your home. As busy as life can be now days, it is easy to forget about the accumulating debris inside of our gutter systems that could be causing clogged gutters. Here are a few signals to look for to know when you may need a Gutter Cleaning.

Stains on the Gutters

If you notice stains or mildew on the outside of your gutters it could be an indication that water is standing inside of the clogged gutter system. If the water does drain out of the gutter system properly it will eventually fill up and pour over the edges of the gutter system. When the water pours over the edges of the clogged gutters it will cause damage to the fascia board behind the gutters and the foundation at the base of your home. This can also cause water to flow under the roof and allow it to leak inside of the home which causes expensive interior wall damage. Water leaking from the gutters can lead to unhealthy mold growth.

Accumulation of Debris

The accumulation of leaves and other debris inside of the gutters is completely normal. Wind will blow leaves and sticks from the trees which will often fall on top of the roof then find their way into the gutter systems. Every few months this will fill up the gutters and they will need to be cleaned out. Sometimes a very small amount of leaves will fall perfectly on top of the gutter outlet where the water drains out of the gutters and this will immediately clog the entire system. Strong winds can even break off shingles which can land inside of the gutters and cause an immediate clogged gutter. It does not take much to cover the gutter outlet and disrupt the water from draining properly out of the gutters.

Nests & Pests

Birds, Squirrels, mice and other small animals can and will explore your gutters. If they think its cozy enough for them then they will certainly make a home inside of your gutter systems. These nests are not just a huge nuisance they will damn up and clog your gutters in a huge way. If you see animals climbing around on your gutter’s then they are very likely looking to make your gutter’s their new home.

Plants Growing In Gutters

Plant Growing in Gutters

Accumulated debris inside of a clogged gutter will eventually break down and become a compost pile in time. In addition to leaves and other debris, wind also blows dirt from the roof down into the gutters. When seedling drop from the trees and land inside of these compost filled gutter’s they can easily sprout into little baby trees. When gutters have plants growing inside of them it is one of the most obvious and glaring signals that a Gutter Cleaning is needed.

Gutters are Sagging

Leaves, dirt, sticks, and other debris are very heavy when wet. If you add ice and snow into the equation it becomes a recipe for disaster regarding your gutters. All this weight can and will cause your gutters to loosen from the home. Loose gutters will eventually separate and become detached from the house. Once this occurs, you not only need to schedule a gutter cleaning, but you will also need to have the gutters repaired and re-secured as well.

Sagging Gutters